ANZ banking fail leaves customers unable to withdraw more than $200



March 22, 2018 15:09:34

ANZ Bank has confirmed it is experiencing a “technical fault” which prevents customers from withdrawing more than $200 from its ATMs.

This $200 limit is also affecting ANZ’s phone banking, internet banking, EFTPOS, and other online payment platforms (Apple Pay, Grow by ANZ, goMoney and ANZ App).

Some customers received a peculiar error message from ANZ this morning, when they tried to use its goMoney app:

“ANZ Internet Banking, Phone Banking, Grow by ANZ, goMoney and ANZ App is currently under maintenance and expected to be available by 06:00am Sun 18th March (AEDT). Thanks for your patience.

ANZ’s spokesman told the ABC this erroneous “error message” should not have appeared — as the issue was a “fault or error”, rather than “scheduled maintenance”.

This error message was posted on ANZ’s Twitter page, which prompted a user to respond:

“Pretty sure 18th March was last weekend. Time travelling to fix the issue is a great approach. Let’s see if it works!!!!”

What went wrong?

“We discovered a technical fault affecting some of our systems, including internet banking, goMoney and the ANZ app late this morning,” the ANZ spokesman later confirmed.

“We have a team of experts currently working on this as a top priority and we’re doing everything we can to restore these systems as soon as possible.”

Hundreds of disgruntled customers are demanding answers and venting their frustration on ANZ’s social media channels.

The desperation of some customers was evident in Facebook posts like these:

“I am overseas and normally get paid today. I need my pay today at the regular time! I’m screwed if it doesn’t happen! I have no access to other funds!”

“I can’t even use an ATM to check my account. My first pay at a new job is due in today and if I don’t get it I can’t pay for food petrol or even get to work. How long is it going to be because the message on the app said it will be down until Sunday?!”

One angry Twitter user posted: “I got stuck at the supermarket. Couldn’t transfer money to pay for my groceries that I caught a 30 minute bus trip to get too [sic]!






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