Anchorage, Alaska earthquake prompts tsunami warning


A 7.0 magnitude earthquake has rocked buildings in Anchorage, Alaska, and prompted a tsunami warning.

The earthquake caused lamp posts and trees to sway, prompting people to run out of offices and seek shelter under office desks.

The US Geological Survey says the earthquake was centred about 12 kilometres north of Alaska’s largest city.

The National Tsunami Warning Centre has issued a tsunami warning for coastal zones of southern Alaska.

The centre said on Friday that the warning was in effect for parts of the state’s Cook Inlet and the southern Kenai peninsula.

The warning means tsunami waves are expected.

Residents of Kodiak Island have been told to move to higher ground immediately.

An Associated Press reporter working in downtown Anchorage saw cracks in a two-storey building after the quake.

It was unclear whether there were injuries.

People went back inside buildings after the earthquake but a smaller aftershock a short time later sent them running back into the streets again.

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